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Saturday, October 19th, 2019

It is a beautiful great test. Instead we can mold us to what other people are doing (conformity) or what others want us to do (alienation). We can choose to feel offended before a critical or compliment to a compliment. Although the choice is done consciously or unconsciously (thanks to the automatic patterns acquired in life, i.e., to the neurolinguisticas settings) is still a choice. Some currents of early 20th century raised this dilemma. Victor E.

Frankl, turned his life experience in a concentration camp during the second world war in a form of psychotherapy called logotherapy philosophical base. In his book man’s search for meaning reflects on these issues coming to the conclusion that the ideals and principles constitute a fundamental primary force in our existence and that it is one’s own and one who only has to find it. He argued that not all conflicts are born between impulses and instincts but the interest of the man, even his despair that his life has meaning, is also a dilemma that forms an essential part of the personality and happiness. During their detention in the concentration camp noted that those who clearly had a sense that it motivated them to overcome all that suffering were those who survived. Survived those who obstinaron in remain standing to return to see his great love, his son, to return to their land and rebuild your House or, as is the case himself to tell to the rest of the world to recreate a great dream or a great desire can make you overcome the most severe tests. The Transpersonal NLP baby this great author ideological sources, since it considers that the systems of beliefs, values, behaviours and identity should aimed with coherence and harmony towards behavioral seeking the authentic meaning of life to which we want to bring closer day by day.