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Occupational Diseases

Monday, November 24th, 2014

The use of hands in the development of everyday activities such as work, study or do household chores can directly affect our daily lives, as these activities by keeping in constant conditions can develop some very painful and annoying at times can produce disability either temporarily or for life. Occupational diseases of the hands should be specific to this part of the body makes around 38,000 movements per day, especially in people who are involved in computers and machines to operate manually. The most common illnesses in the hands are a few such as: Carpal Tunnel: This disease is caused by excessive hand movements caused by the use of the keyboard, although today there are other causes like the constant use of interactive games, and this occurs when the median nerve is trapped inside the carpal tunnel due to thickening of the tendons, causing the nerve pain is pushed provided a somewhat annoying, but over time can be very limiting. Arthritis: This is given by inflammation of the joints manuals due to the large number of movements made by a joint, but it is worth mentioning that an important way that this show is the temperature, because if this problem is rather high can also develop faster. Osteoarthritis: the disease occurs when there is a large manual cartilage wear which makes cushion between the bones, leading to this is somewhat painful because the shock of the bones can be very painful especially in the implementation of any repetitive motion. This condition occurs mainly elderly people, but now according to the studies is very common for a large number of people between 20 and 30 years suffer from this, due to the consistent use of elements such as the keyboard. All these diseases have certain features, however during development have some common symptoms that may facilitate the detection Timely them, some of these symptoms may include: Pain in the joints.

Impaired mobility of the hands. Cramps repetitive. Pain in the hands in cold weather. Stitches in the fingertips. among others. Although various symptoms, the aforementioned are the most common in the three conditions mentioned above. A very important point to play in diseases of the hands are working their prevention, as this really can be a bit difficult because all the exercises that are made are based on a manual effort can therefore influence further into the problem, It is recommended that non-repetitive exercises with elastic bands in order to strengthen the tendons and thus able to decrease the occurrence of such evils. It is proper to mention that the treatment of such diseases is not in order to eliminate the evils above, but done with the aim of reducing the pain that these can cause.