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Quality Market

Monday, November 14th, 2016

Within the complicated mess we are in a difficult but acceptable world where supposedly, again, and coupled regulate the lives of all to achieve a better lifestyle. Although laws to protect nature are subject to political criteria, it seems logical that, since market conditions he determines, for example, if a forest must be destroyed to extract a possible mineral “X” is in its subsoil suggests that marketing will enable us to achieve a better quality of life. ” You can not deny the different specialties before appointed, but must try and avoid that separate plots or only allow an overlap between each of the so-called science.

Within the context of social policy and / or government, prevailing in a region or country highlights the needs of citizens to which the leaders must work to ensure social stability of peoples, whether capitalist or socialist, the different countries use the advances of science in achieving the goals of happiness expected for a widespread preaching is “the quality of life” understanding this as the ideal of all human beings inhabit the planet, but this requires the extraction processing, marketing of goods of nature, then we talk about air quality, water and, of course, the human being. Everything has a quality which could be the social status of future generations, which is tied to the individual’s ability to live thanks to the advances of science, is how the market trades on oil passing through the water up to us, the people, is how we get terms like “strategic direction of human capital” (from the title of a course management) it is assumed that the goal is to maximize the benefits and profits in the market of “resource Human “, that is, either in a nutshell.