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Crimping Cable Network

Monday, February 9th, 2015

To exchange information between computers located a short distance from each other (up to 150 meters) there is a local network. lan is nothing like combining multiple computers with each other using twisted pair cables and network equipment. Twisted pair cable is in two versions: utp – not shielded twisted-pair and stp – shielded twisted pair (ie, the wires are in the more braided, it is done for In order to reduce the impact on the cable of different magnetic and electric fields). Twisted pair consists of eight pairs of conductors curled. For ease of installation guides are marked color pairs curl: orange – white-orange, blue – white-blue, green – white-green, brown – white and brown. In this paper involved two pairs of wires connected to terminals (1 and 2) and (3, 6). At the ends of the segment of twisted pair installed connectors (Connector) RJ-45.

Crimpers for Twisted Pair has a special device, called ticks. There are two ways crimp twisted-pair: the direct and crossover. Direct way of crimping is applied if the segment connecting computer network device (eg switch). Both ends crimped segment equally. For example: first contact – orange, the second – a white and orange, the third – the blue and the sixth contact us – white and blue. Way cross-over. Applied with crimped segment connecting two computers. At one end of the crimp crimped as well as the direct method and the other: swapped wires connected to the 1, 3 and 2, 6 pins, respectively. Thus we get: the first Contact – blue, second – a white-blue, the third – orange and sixth contact orange and white.