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Cellular Ringtones

Sunday, December 7th, 2014

So, let’s see if this is convenient or we will finally be a function unnecessary. Cell phone with Bluetooth: This is a technology that enables communication between different wireless devices (wirelessly), allowing the transmission of images, sounds and data from one cell to another (which has the same technology) without intermediaries or cables together. If you think this may be practical, then consider buying a phone that supports this technology Phone With Wap Browser: WAP browser is a small Web browser that displays pages written specifically for mobile phones. This way we can obtain data such as climate, bank from the phone, download ringtones, read newspapers.

Cellular Ringtones: This option was very attractive because it was scarce a few years ago, today it is not so because virtually all phones can play polyphonic ringtones. The Ringtones are tones or melodies that sound when someone is calling us when we get a SMS or tell us some time (alarm function, which also comes in almost every cell of today). MP3 Player in the cell: One of the most attractive features of the phones is the ability to play music in MP3 and simulate the iPod or any player to fulfill those functions. The against all this that much memory is needed to store the files, so you probably have to buy an external memory card with more capacity, in case the factory including the phone is small. Another negative aspect of this feature is that it consumes much battery, so if you have an iPod for music, stick with it.

NLP Training

Tuesday, September 2nd, 2014

Mastering NLP can be easier than you would think! Take a recent survey conducted by NLP-Masters. The participants of the NLP-Masters confirmed a deepening and broadening of the NLP Practitioner experience and developed the implementation of the NLP content into their professional paths. The NLP training is particularly worthwhile for people interested in philosophical and psychological themes, looking for ways to get better with yourself and with others in contact to cooperate to achieve more themselves, have the desire to own goals and get to travel the road in life that corresponds to them largely in the deep. NLP in the professional world, the economic changes lead to increased employment in the need for inter-professional, non-technical skills and abilities. These capabilities are referred to as key skills. Meanwhile, there is a long list of skills, behavior and knowledge characteristics, referred to collectively as key skills.

Key skills or soft skills are (ability, skill, method of thinking and knowledge base) that goes beyond the technical competence. They help in solving problems and the acquisition of skills in as many content areas, and have professional and important because they include aspects of personality development. They serve as a key to further qualifications. These skills play in job and professional success an increasingly important role. In particular, this: * Cognitive skills include are thinking in contexts, the capacity for logical, abstract, multidimensional and conceptual thinking, problem solving ability and transfer ability.

* Communicative competencies include written and oral communication skills, mastery of presentation skills, discussion skills, partner-communications, consensus capability * Social skills of conflict and criticism, team spirit, ability and willingness to cooperate, Empathy, assertiveness, leadership or customer focus. * Self-competence encompasses the readiness and capacity for autonomy, flexibility, creativity, initiative, open-mindedness, responsibility, commitment, reliability, handling of uncertainties, democratic attitude, moral courage and ethical judgments. * Competence in self-learning one reason for professional stagnation is often because it lacks many candidates and employees in key skills in communication and social-emotional area. They played in the training over many decades, hardly a role. But with the introduction of team work, customer focus and always new work equipment and the increasing internationalization of the companies have recognized that knowledge alone does not help. The Confederation of German Employers’ Association would like to see entrants equally key qualifications and professional Qualifications should be brought along. The reality is different: “Overall, 48 percent complain of enterprises and associations deficits in education, with nearly 40 percent in the second place of criticism are the important key qualifications for professional practice. More than one third (37.2 percent) criticize the lack of cognitive and methodological skills.