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Management Systems Certification

Thursday, March 31st, 2011

Certification of management systems – is introduced at the international level a system of comprehensive evaluation of the enterprise. Management Systems Certification consists of three main parts: certification systems quality management, certification of environmental management systems and certification of management in the field of occupational health and safety. Carry out these procedures can be both jointly and severally: none certificate does not require another. However, standards are developed on a uniform basis and promotes the same approach to management. Certification of quality management systems are regulated by iso 9000, environmental management is evaluated in accordance with standards of iso 14000. Of special note is certification of management systems in occupational safety and health – it sets the standard ohsas 18000. Management Systems Certification takes as its basis process approach to management.

This means that the estimated goals and objectives of various activities, the methods of their achievement, the relationship of processes at different levels and stages. Management Systems Certification implies use in the management cycle of PDCA: Plan – Do – Check – Act (Planning – Implementation – Verification – Action). Any event begins with his plan, after the introduction of development should be in life, quality of work and continuous improvement. Management Systems Certification requires the application of this algorithm in any processes in the enterprise. In Russia, the certification of management systems is not mandatory.

However, many companies still undergo this procedure, most often carried out certification of quality management systems. Document of Compliance to this standard enables any company an advantage in the marketplace. Systems Certification quality management makes the company more competitive, gives many opportunities for participation in tenders and receive government contracts. Acquired special significance this procedure in the construction business. In connection with the cancellation of licenses and the need for entry into cpo construction companies require certification of management systems to iso 9000. This document has become a major confirmation of the level of their work.