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Friday, May 9th, 2014

High-speed boat hire, hydroplane. Hey slow to be washed? Car? Boat? Ischia? Sports Car? Strike Vehicle? Whatever it is or all the above. We were doing a research ship cleaning industry out there on the Internet and found this site: So remember a research firm in CA doing a private industry project with a speed boat water skimmer. There are many projects of this kind, we do not know nearly as well as some conspiracy theorists rather strange kind of information of misinformation out there. The actual unit being built is much faster than the speed specified. And it is much more capable than ever thought. And they are in use now.

But the smaller vehicle assault style hydrofoil skimmer are the future, like the strike vehicles used now in Baghdad only in the water actually traveling above it. Such vehicles have water all uses of transportation equipment seal, delivering weapons to enemy ports for blockage or Unmanned Above Water patrols for coastlines or to swim circles around the entire fleet within 50 miles of additional security zone to give information to the system focused on monitoring the net assets fleets. Six or seven of these going around in circles and has a comprehensive safety net outside the ring, including taking time, the surf, temperature readings. But what if you used part of this technology and this prototype and set up skimmer skis, which come as the boat / car up to speed. If this worked with some light armor plate armor weight. To build a car-boat on a chassis of a vehicle as a SmartTruck or Presidential Limo. You could have amphibious, strike vehicle once you got to the shore.

A car, a high speed boat and if you head to the serious water problems. From water to land that literally could impact on the beach at 30kts. In the water at 100 knots and then reduce the speed 50 knots in water as this boat can do that already. Reduce speed to 30 knots and drive out of the water and accelerate to 100 knots again.