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Italian Technology

Thursday, December 10th, 2015

Capacity – the fastest and easiest way to change its image. Increase the length and volume, play with color to create the most extreme hairstyles without damaging your hair, you can for three to four hours, and the result exceed all expectations! Maybe even change the structure of hair, if the possessor of straight hair curls to increase or at the request of the girl can become a happy owner of a bang. Capacity of donor hair are the two most common technologies: hot and cold building. The most perfect and harmless of hot hair extensions at the moment is the Italian capacity. This technology was first presented at the Moscow exhibition in spring 2005, after which she began to enjoy great demand. Italian hair technology has many advantages. In it, unlike other technologies, using keratin.

Keratin is a part of natural hair, which means that when building material is used, the maximum repeating structure of natural hair, which is highly valued clients. This method uses ready-made strands of hair with keratin capsule. A lock is applied to the root zone. Keratin is softened in a couple of seconds with a special device consisting of two heat-generating terminals. When keratin becomes liquid and the donor strand natural hair is clamped with special tongs for capsules.

Once keratin cools it takes the form of small plates, they are transparent and almost invisible. In place connection with artificial hair strands are just a small seal hair. Flat plates allow the hair to increase not only in the lower occipital region, but also to temporal parts. This technology is the most versatile because it allows to increase hair length from ten centimeters. Pliers are heated to 180 C, which is absolutely harmless to the hair (like curling irons or ironing temperature, and hairdressing 200 C). For each type of hair curling temperature determined individually. For maximum effect, experts use from 100 to 150 pryadok, thus achieving a very natural effect. It should be noted, however, that hair is absolutely not combed out. The number, color and length of artificial hair is chosen at the discretion of the client. Italian technology for hair extension hair used only the highest quality, made directly in Italy. It may be European or Slavic hair. Experts paint them only with the most modern technology, resulting in the use of a donor material, it does not work no small trouble, such as split ends or wash color. After building the artificial hair can be accessed, as well as with natural. They can be painted, do perm, swim in the sea, pool or the river, and even after the sauna, they will not lose its original appearance. Hair extensions give you pleasure for up to six months after the procedure. Their lifespan depends on the length of natural hair. On After six months it is easy to remove the locks. After removing the correction may be hair extensions, and the subsequent increase them. The only negative correction that reduces the amount of pryadok, since their restoration removed damaged hair. Obtained after correction for quality locks are no worse than the original. After removing the overhead strands of hair are cut and no do not bring nothing to worry about their owner.