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Sunday, November 5th, 2017

In everyday life, not a computer person to replace! You allow yourself to disagree "? For the credibility of this statement, I want to give several examples where, in most cases of human computer play tremendous role: Pupils and students, in addition to the game for the pc, working at a computer in order to find the essay on the Internet, solving a problem, writing a report in ms Word, print out electronic texts on a printer. You say, that students and pupils can do without a computer, turned to the old and good libraries? With the development of our society is changing the charter schools. And many are already compulsory for putting papers and coursework work-in electronic form. In all organizations, the computer serves as a repository of information, ie base. There are stores all their activities. Gone are the days when it's all stored in archival piles of paperwork that takes up space on the desks of employees. No, the complete elimination of paper in organizations is impossible, but a decrease is a totally real difference in the appearance of computers!

Default Gateway

Tuesday, August 23rd, 2011

Now again Go to the section of Network Connections, right-clicking on the same cell as the last time, select Enable (activate) can once again, to make sure your browser to try to open any web page. Now, if the browser was unable to access web page, then you define an adapter that you need. Thus, determining or already knowing what the computer uses an adapter to connect to the Internet, click on the right mouse button and choose Properties. The box idea is to find words Internet Protocol (TCP / IP), click on them with the mouse to select them (just do not accidentally uncheck the box, which on the contrary). Then click the Properties (the Properties). Note the contrast: Use the following ip address: and Use the following dns server addresses: and enter the information you were discharged earlier from Command Prompt, respectively: ip Address > ip Address Subnet Mask > Subnet Mask Default Gateway > Default Gateway dns Servers > dns Servers in the Command Prompt If you have been assigned only one ip address for dns Servers, then fill it in front of Preferred dns server:, but on the contrary Alternate dns server: leave blank. Sometimes this information can be extracted from the router to Both dns Servers, for both the Preferred (Main), and for the Alternate (Secondary), but Fritz! Box does not have such information. Note that in the framework for entering addresses is arranged dots, so that you do not have to make.

True, using the default gateway address and ip Address your computer, you can calculate the address, which router (ie, dynamic ip address of the server) is not normally issued. To once again failed lining. That is, if you have multiple computers at home or on the the case when your neighbors connect to your router. If you create a static ip, each computer must be assigned an individual ip Address, and Subnet Mask, Default Gateway and dns Servers are the same. Upon completion of entering information – click ok. In the remaining box, click Close. Your computer has a static ip.

Clean Computer – A Pledge Quick Work

Saturday, May 7th, 2011

Every hundred times this happened: you have reinstalled xp and at first everything was ok, but then began to slow down the system appeared bugs and all, to create all sorts nerazbiriha. Next I will discuss the possible causes of the brakes, glitches and methods for their elimination. * The first thing you should do to speed up your system – it is defragmenting. Defragmentation – is the process of updating and optimizing the logical structure of the partition in order to ensure store files in a continuous sequence of clusters, ie, after defragmenting speeds up read and write files, and hence the work programs. In Windows xp has built-in defragmenter, but it will be better use the more powerful defragmenter (more on that later). If your disks are heavily fragmented, then defragmenting can be time consuming, but it is best to wait several hours and still make it.

* An important step acceleration xp – is disabling unused services. Thanks to disable unused services can significantly expedite the process of loading and run Windows xp. Themselves unnecessary services not happen, but sometimes they work, when absolutely no need (for example: automatic update works when there are no Internet, Network Location works when there is no network, etc.). * On each computer after you install or remove programs, after reinstall the system, and especially after the install / uninstall games are so-called registry errors (invalid registry keys), temporary files (junk files), false labels (invalid shortcuts). All this, in the aggregate, prevents normal work of the productive system. * I always caused irritation of programs that start with the start of Windows, regardless of whether they are used or not, and often none of this without warning. These programs register their components in startup, so every time you turn on your computer, this whole bunch of programs start running.

All these processes take up memory, cpu time and other resources, slowing your computer and, in principle, be able to one day Porush entire system. In order to do all the above steps in the manual will take a lot of time and effort. To remove debris, such as the registry requires large cognition. So, to shield themselves from all this, and there exists a universal accelerator. Universal Accelerator xp 2009 program is absolutely safe, and all its actions are coordinated with yours, then there will be nothing run without your knowledge. After the final stage of acceleration of your pc will be guaranteed to run faster, at least 30 percent. Checked personally. A simple interface in the process, you awake in the course of events happening on your computer, and descriptions are so detailed that you can learn a lot new. Year: 2009 Version: v.0.1 Language: Russian System requirements: Windows xp License: Freeware Size: 12,4 Mb Added Information on Restoring 5%