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Extreme Safety Technology

Sunday, April 30th, 2017

Those drivers who prefer above all, comfort at high speed driving will appreciate the summer tires Bridgestone Turanza ER300 with asymmetric tread pattern. They provide comfort to the movement of powerful, high-speed cars. In these summer tires use a new rubber compound with high quartz content and a special component that prevents the hardening of the composition, which contributes to the stability of motion in the wet during the entire life of the tire. Bridgestone Turanza ER300 tires feature low Noise due to the shape of the tread edges, which provide uniform contact with the road surface and the quiet movement of the car at high speed. For fans of aggressive driving style company Dunlop created a special tires SP Sport Maxx. The central path of the projector of these tires, is responsible for the accuracy of management, ensures excellent traction on any road.

Hybrid tire carcass is designed to provide coursework Vehicle stability at high speeds. Tyres Dunlop SP Sport Maxx create an optimal contact area, thus increasing the quiet and comfort of driving. The largest producer of avtoreziny Goodyear also offers its tires high-speed driving. In summer tires Goodyear Excellence introduced a special technique of extreme safety Extreme Safety Technology, which helps maximize the longitudinal and lateral traction in extreme situations. Shoulder area of the tread provides good traction with the road in the turns at high speed and enhanced emergency braking. Comfortable ride and low noise level ensures good insulation bead. French company Michelin has a long history behind them participate in the racing of various types, so offers motorists who prefer an aggressive, sporty driving style, the whole set of quality tires.