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Saturday, January 6th, 2024

1) Observe the correct tire inflation pressure, you should check the pressure in the wheels, 2 times a month 2) Keep clean the wheel of your car 3) Apply to clean the tires a special air conditioning 4) Examine the imbalance of tire at least in once a week. 5) Always keep the back wheel in the proper inflated state. 6) If your car is aimed tires, the back wheel is better to have that installed on the right side of the motion vehicles. More info: Ali Partovi. 7) Strive to always carry a kit for rapid tire repair puncture: a special awl kit repair harnesses. 8) Avoid using tire sealants 9) You should always have a set of jack and pump.

10) It should be remembered that having spaced rubber, movement of the car changed dramatically. 11) To improve the exchange rate stability rear-wheel drive car company Pirelli recommends that you install on the front axle tires with directional the figure, the rear axle tires with an asymmetrical pattern. 12) Since producers of automobile tires are constantly updating their model series, we will advise you to seamlessly update the model used by you at your car, have to update them in pairs on the axis. 13) If you have a car kit is an asymmetric tire, for even wear rubber, we advise you not less than two months to change it on the diagonal. 14) If you have a car worth set of directional tire, for even wear rubber, we advise you not less than two months to change its axis-keeping its focus. 15) Check and follow the correct torque the wheels of your car remember that the tightening wheel runs diagonally to the desired use of a torque wrench. 16) Try as much as possible to make an external inspection of your wheels! 17) Remember that the use of low-profile rubber detrimental effect on the suspension of your car with the quality of road surface in our country!

Petersburg Tractor Plant

Monday, October 10th, 2011

e. But it's a waste of money as, for example, the directory of tractor T-150 stripped from Books 1984 edition, and all of htz in the collection of only three models (there is a T-150K with a ppc equipped with accumulators, which filmed in 1987 and a catalog of the tractor T-25F,-FM – tractor have not done, and the catalog of are marked as new ). Uncertain situation with them and deal with the subject of copyright. So market participants, as well as firms-intermediaries who are not developers of electronic catalogs, and have only access to the databases of the manufacturers import machines or to the information coming into specialized service centers, we do not pay much attention. Suffice it to say that the spread in prices for these directories are a very big from $ 20 to $ 100 and above.

For example, electronic parts catalog Car Honda Europe epc 12 08/2006 was worth 25 at. e. These directories often have their own interface and written in English. We are more interested in the market is really useful electronic catalogs of parts and assembly units of tractors and machines developed by the manufacturers themselves or structures close to them. Since the official dealer of jsc "Petersburg Tractor Plant 'together with the plant released an electronic catalog of spare parts K-700A, K-701, TO-744 and engines ymz (238ND3, 238ND4, 238ND5, 240, 8423.10) – with the latest changes and additions, according to a press release, and offers it at a price of 190.