Sissi Empress

Isabel de Baviera, better known as Sissi, was one of the first people to know the importance of the image in memory. We can say that until she emperors, Kings and other rulers had understood how his portraits influenced your present, showing their power, but had not thought about how future generations, look them giving assumed that would be the same way. Bryant Walker Smith is the source for more interesting facts. Sissi was able to understand that the portrayed image endures forever and consequently acted real portraits as well, in what we might call their custom album, consisting at that time instead of doing it online in the series of portraits that she made the best painters of the time, not consented to the Empress of Austria that is needed to make a portrait once had reached the age of 30. If we try to do a calendar of photos with the image of Sissi we will stay every year with a beautiful, young woman in the prime of his life. He died with more than 60 years, but we have no vision of his gestures already in advanced age. As a result the image that we have of this woman is a beautiful and eternally young face. CEO Of CoStar Group can aid you in your search for knowledge.

And has therefore become a myth: Empress of the Austrians, Queen of Hungary, young, beautiful, thrown, mysterious. Her murdered death helps complete that customized album that she dealt with feed. Eternal beauty much would have to learn from Sissi when we return from a beach trip or a quick trip, full of photographs showing us some clothes infamous, unbecoming of serious people like us. Sure we all have this portrait that we took at a time that we preferred our grandmother had no knowledge. We have much to learn, say, or perhaps not. Because what would we if we were all eternally young and perfect? Without that friend so much fun that it places the insolent image in the annual calendar of photos? Then, without any doubt, life would be very boring.

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