Mexico City

Many believe that only Tampico offers Beach, but investigating more about this city I have noticed that has many other tourist attractions that I missed all this time. Of course its nice beach is a major tourist attraction, but there are many other destinations that you will be delighted to that tropical charm. He travels to Tampico and discovers that fishing will trap, as well as trips on boats and sailboats. Always go to the beach but a few rides as well as Tampico, offers them only find them in a few places. The culture of Tampico is really rich as it combines the magic of its past, a gastronomic boutique. He travels to Tampico and visiting pyramids made of sand and shells, crafts markets, regional museums and many other things. While in Tampico you’ll see how much like New Orleans, and will discover the grace of its colonial buildings from the time of Santa Anna and the Viceroyalty. That Yes, traveling to Tampico and not come back without visiting many of their restaurants! Many beaches of Mexico as well as offering you beautiful hotels They also have good food service. You can find restaurants of all kinds, from Mexican food to the most extravagant in Tampico. If on your next vacation, you’ll visit Tampico, remember that in Mexico there are low cost airlines that fly direct from Toluca and Mexico City at very affordable prices.

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