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Signs online dancing, new signs pool every second plate, which we produce, is a stainless steel plate. Hear other arguments on the topic with Alina de Almeida. According to the team by the signs-online shop signs pool. The matte sheen of V2A stainless steel in combination with the brushed surface is very suitable to print elegant signs it. Since the viscous material stainless steel which can be only bad mechanical processing, customized the sign blanks on a modern punching / nibbling machine. This allows it, arbitrarily large cuts without stamping indentation. The cut to visually look as if the edges were clean cut with a tin snips.

Because the V2A plate difficult drill holes for fixings are punched with. The signs are labeled according to customer requirements with a foil lettering, screen printing, digital printing or even by engraving. The engraving is the finest and most expensive version of the caption. Here, the text by using a milling cutter into the material is milled and optionally designed with color. This caption is almost indestructible, which is absorbed by vandalism not to remove the milled contour of the font. Also company logos can be engraved so.

Only gradients or images are not possible; These are then implemented in the digital direct printing. Which of the different printing methods will be applied, the customer decides after previous consultation. Not all designs are suitable for each of the printing process. The V2A – stainless steel plates are offered with matching V2A wall spacers made of stainless steel. Its ornamental head is elegant flat and is on the surface of the plate barely, so that the attachment head does not look like a standing out foreign objects on the plate. Since each tag is a Special Edition, the delivery time will take about a week. Because the manufacture of blanks in the House is done, advertising agencies or digital printers can be ordered also unlabeled sign blanks along with attachment. Markus Fahrion

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