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UFO, Yashek Dombrowski (Poland): "… considering that is indisputable is the fact that we are not alone in the universe, I can confidently say that the 'black banner" was specially developed and launched the World Wide Web as 'Bug'. After collecting enough information to observe from space, and fly and explore the lives of Earthlings being here a long time and even dangerous. David S. Levine does not necessarily agree. It is quite enough to scan the information and proanalizirovt is available to Internet – and of humanity will know EVERYTHING … "less specific and caution another scientist, but he studied the resulting material tends to space the essence of this phenomenon, Professor Mark Cohen (USA):" … you can not be absolutely confident in the fact that "black banner" was created deliberately. It is very likely that the space can be laid down those forces, for we still do not understand.

After all, are constantly arising in the space of black holes, magnetic fields and nature of these phenomena is not yet available to us to understand. And 'BB' can be established is the impact of such forces do not have a specific purpose … "It's very interesting statistics which I was able to collect is the frequency of occurrence banner depending on the blast zone. com – 322 times. edu – 113 times. net – 211 times. biz – 67 times. org – 140 times in the national domain zones (mostly) North America, USA – 62 Western Europe, Germany – 17 Eastern Europe, Russia – 24 Asia, Japan – 53 Middle East Caudovskaya Arabia – 27 Australia – 12 South America, Brazil – 9 Statistics clearly shows that most 'BB' was observed in most developed countries in the region. This can confirm the version of ufologist Yasheka Dombrowski is that the 'BB' is an alien 'worm', and those who ran it interesting for these countries in terms of resources, economic or other data. Maybe statistics is explained simply – the more people in this country, and the development of the Internet – the more able to see the 'BB' In our next article we will back a bit and tell you when and who first discovered the 'black banner' of the difficulties facing him and communicate with researchers those who have not personally ever seen – but the 'clicked' to 'BB'

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