Folkwang University Essen

With personalized media and services in the future of the E-learning program to the augmented reality app digital, mobile, and interactive technologies enable it to offer publishers, individual media and services. There are various approaches: specialist publishers for example can create their B2B customers an individual environment or position themselves directly as a service provider offering tailor-made services. But as much potential, new business models have and customers want any personalized content? How can efficient and productive customer communication in the publishing house look like? These and similar questions the Conference Publishing goes 3.0 customized content: after with personalized media and services in the future, which organized the Academy of the German book trade on July 4, 2012 at the Literaturhaus Munich. On the basis of current and innovative case studies the meeting shows how technical publishing develop personalized and individual products and sell to. Speakers of the Conference include: Christian Dirschl (Wolters Kluwer),. Michael Dreusicke (Paux technologies), Markus Elsen and Frank Volkel (new times corporate communication, Hakeem group), Theresa Filipovic (Verlag Walter de Gruyter), Armin Hopp (digital publishing / Speexx), Christoph Hunermann (knowledge media), Bastian Plieninger (Hakeem), Prof.

Peter Wippermann (founder Trendburo and Professor for communication design, Folkwang University Essen). The Conference is aimed at business leaders, experts and executives, especially in the areas of product development, editorial, new media, marketing, and distribution of specialist and special-interest, but also audience publishers. IyMi40NC4wLjA’>Bobby Sharma Bluestone. For further information on the program is Jacqueline Hoffmann (089 / 29 19 53-56,) available. The Academy gives you also the speakers of the Conference as an interview partner.


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