When you start to look for that perfect hairstyle, whether long, medium or short, you have to take into account your own characteristics in terms of the shape of your face, the type of hair you have and, of course, your personality. If you only think about the shape of your face and ignore the rest probably not stay all according with the result. The basic forms of a face are: oval, rectangular, circular, square, heart, triangular and diamond. One of the first steps is evaluate you in the mirror and see in that category you enter. Then you can think about what hairstyle will go better with that way. An oval shape gives you the opportunity to use virtually any hairstyle, from the longest to the medium and short. Here is where your personality factor. According to the activities that you enjoy, you can bend by using the hair long or short.

Think of the moments in which you are doing these activities and consider how you would like your hair behave in those moments. If your face shape is rectangular, you’re perhaps more interested in short or medium hairstyles. Bangs sideways will help give you a soft and friendly appearance. A round face should be accompanied by short hairstyles which deviate from the face and find more body and high in the upper part of the head. For square faces, short and medium hairstyles are the best options. Definitely should stay away from these cases long hairstyles. On the other hand, for heart-shaped faces should seek medium to long, and never short. If you enter the category of the triangle, then the election not should escape short hairstyles. If, on the other hand, you are diamond-shaped, then the medium and long look beautiful.

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