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I think that few people know that the city of Sochi is on the same level of latitude as the French Riviera (France), we have the same degree of latitude forty-third. And, do not ekaet heart just at the mere mention of words – Sochi, Dagomys, Lazarevskoye, Adler. But if you think about – for us to get here easier than in Europe. Take, for example, health spa southern coast. Great resort, not to say that he is worse than some 3 * hotels on the Cote d'Azur. And how many pluses! A visa is not necessary! A passport off! Foreign language – not an obstacle to communication! Everything here is his, no foreign language, not knowing anyone and ask how to get to your destination. And the sea – it is everywhere here and there.

Sanatorium South coast – a good, if not one of the most prestigious locations in the Black Sea. In addition, a great many hotels and private hotels built in recent years. These hotels are not inferior to service and planning around the world. There is everything here – swimming pools, gyms, medical facilities, modern equipment and advanced technology. Sanatorium South coast – one of those places. Private beach, which is fully landscaped and equipped, located next to the sleeping buildings.

In the evenings you can just sit on the balcony, drink flavored coffee and enjoy the wonderful sea air and summer sunsets. And such sanatoria number in the city, the only problem – it is to choose one of them. Over the last decade Sochi much has changed, and those tourists who visited Sochi many years ago did not recognize him during another visit. Beaches are also ennobled. Beach resort South coast – it's quality and modern facility with a complete set of services and equipment. Moreover, if such a situation happens that you did not plan to hike to the beach, you will be able to place Buy all for it – cream, flip-flops, bathing suits, sunglasses, etc. Here you can purchase tickets for concerts, on various trips. The set of souvenirs will offer you a local shop in the southern seaside resort. Having bought a small shell, stone or some kind of Sochi, the other local souvenirs, you will rejoice in this gift to your loved ones on their arrival home. Many tourists who came with their children on holiday, are facing problems. Some resorts do not take the kids, some do not pay them enough attention. In the South coast resorts, on the contrary, children are paying attention. For them, working children's playgrounds, water rides, children's rooms. C Children are professional animators and educators, so they feel full with tourists. If the weather suddenly gets messed up, and you will be afraid to swim with the children in a storm, can take advantage of an open or the indoor pool. And the water in the basin sea! Some travelers generally contraindicated in the treatment of sea, so that sea water swimming pool is for them almost a main criterion when choosing a nursing home. Sanatorium Open all year round! In the offseason, he attracts visitors to the relatively low prices and special programs to improve the health of the body. Many guests choose the spa resort of South coast because of the natural program cleansing of the body Naturomed. Having a health course in this program can not only lose weight for a short time, but also improve health, boost immunity. So, for whatever criteria you choose a place accommodation, health spa southern seaside you will definitely fit!

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