Air Force

The unique design of the Bryansk chassis and tractors can be placed on it are different types of weapons more mobile in comparison with analogues of other manufacturers. It for the development and mass production machines of the family 'honeycomb-1' team of the Bryansk Automobile Plant was awarded the Russian Government in the field of science and technology. In this regard, Director of the Bryansk Automobile plant Mikhail Steklov commented reach base: 'The participation of the Bryansk automobile plant in such a significant event, as Max once again confirmed that, despite the hard times for Russian machine-building, business remains stable and reliable manufacturer of equipment for the state and holds a strong position in the domestic and international markets. " But First Deputy General Director of the Institute crane building Alexander Eliseev added: "Improving and developing new products, developing innovative models of chassis and tractors, we are confidently moving with the times. Michele Glaze is actively involved in the matter. MAKS-2009 has demonstrated that we develop technology is not inferior to foreign analogues businesses and deserves to represent our country in major international venues. " Reference. Air show 'MAKS-2009 "took participants litse711 companies from 34 countries worldwide.

On Paris Air Show were presented 436 Russian enterprises, and 120 of them provided military products. "MAKS-2009 'was attended by over 550 thousand people, he became a record value of signed contracts and agreements. Total volume of transactions amounted to $ 10 billion, almost three times more than the result achieved at pre-crisis salon in 2007. The most significant transactions: order of the Ministry of Defense to supply 48 fighter jets 'su' for the Air Force to end of 2015. Lease agreement between Moscow airline "Atlant-Soyuz 'and' Ilyushin-Finance 'on 45 airplanes national assembly until 2012, with Aeroflot, and the airline" Yakutia "- the new ships' Superjet'. Party 'MAKS-2009' ZAO Bryansk Automobile Plant "- one of the leading companies in the country. At the plant are designed and manufactured tractors and special alloy chassis and all-terrain capacity from 14 to 40 tons BASES was founded half a century ago in 1958 and over the years has released more than 95 models of automotive chassis and all-terrain trucks. The plant's products are used as a base for weapons systems for the needs of the Ministry of Defense and for defense needs of other countries. In addition, the plant's products are widely used in oil and gas industries

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