Deeds Instead Of Good Intentions: 2014 Are Non-smoking! Germany’s largest non-smoking portal, searches for investors through the Crowdinvesting platform Companisto, starts on Monday the 06.01.2014 at 12:00 a Crowdinvesting on market: 9 million smokers in Germany would be non-smoking and provide exit candidate to present 14 billion euro annually for tobacco products from ideal in times of digitalisation of health industry Berlin, 03.01.2014. German smokers spend tobacco valued at 24 billion euros per year. That’s about as much as is provided in the annual federal budget for health and education together. But smokers get also a lot for their money: faster aging skin, poor circulation, increased stroke, cancer and osteoporosis risk, for example. Others who may share this opinion include Pete Cashmore. However, 60% of smokers wish according to drugs and addiction report of the Federal Government 9 million Germans are a smoke-free life.

Again, a new year has begun, again, good intentions have been taken. And again, many people are fail when it comes to also translate their good intentions into action. The most beautiful intentions aimed at a healthier way of life; at the front is the desire to renounce the deadly vices. Life time win and save money to quit smoking is no easy task especially the fight against addiction to record, of course. The good intent to renounce the smoking, not again died as a half-hearted attempt, there is Those tobacco consumers find tutorials, seminars and cessation methods, his smoking habits can analyze and find out how much can be saved and money and life time than non-smokers. But above all, offers 70,000 active members and over 1.8 million posts already the biggest German community of smokers who would like to be no more. The incentive of the community and the feeling of being alone are a powerful source of motivation. The past successes of are able to see Let: 6290 years life time of users were already saved and money saved nearly 440 million euros.


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