Asbestos Abatement

Asbestos removal demands a great deal on the competence of dismantling and disposal companies. More info: Pete Cashmore. DieAsbestsanierung provides the highest standards of professional and expertise dismantling and disposal companies. For asbestos-contaminated buildings or installations renovation duty goes hand in hand with the responsibility for the proper disposal. Responsible for the asbestos removal of weakly-bound products are in accordance with TRGS 519, annex 3 is obliged to identify themselves as knowledgeable.The competence already in the inventory is important: where is asbestos-containing material? What type of asbestos is it? What rehabilitation options best suited? At the latest 7 days before the beginning of the work is the work with asbestos-containing hazardous materials to be communicated to the competent authority. These offences are often punished by the supervision authority directly: if not or not timely notification of asbestos work exists, if no expert is present during execution, if there is any risk assessment, If work plan and operating instructions were not created, if occupational health checkups were not if employees wear any personal protective equipment, if the workers have received no training. The House of technology, food, offers 2014 seven courses to the large competence, the asbestos removal in accordance with TRGS 519, Encl. 3, with the technical director Dipl.-Ing.Chem.

Uwe Schubert, o.b.u.v. expert for construction chemicals, building materials Consulting Centre Rheinland, Bonn, on. With 4 dates in the first half of the year 2014: 17-21 February 2014, 24-28 March 2014, 19-23 May 2014 and 23-26 May 2014 asbestos restoration companies and planners of Asbestsanierungsarbeite can, recruits and career changers, Executive construction manager, foreman, skilled workers and specialists for occupational safety, landfill operators, disposal sites in one since 1992 proven training concept the competence in accordance with TRGS 519, Appendix 3 purchase. The contents of the TRGS 519, Appendix 3 are prescribed, as well the amount of hours. Properties and discusses the health risks from asbestos, rules and regulations for the handling of asbestos, personal protection equipment, personnel demands on the company, safety measures and construction site set-up, keeping vacuum, asbestos removal, waste recording and disposal as well as the assessment of asbestos in buildings and the theses with progress control and site sharing. On the 5th day, a written examination takes place in the morning, after successful testing participants will receive in accordance with the certificate to acquire of the expertise to clean up asbestos TRGS 519, Encl.


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