Ana Luiza

We always wait something of somebody and that is invariant because we are gregrios beings the curious one is here that many times we are not nor close to reaching the desire or expectation of the other, since what we imagine optimum or to be adjusted, it can at least indicate the beginning of the necessity of the other, that is, we can be road of high performance, only that with wrong destination! To have expectation is always to wait something, and if this expectation will not be verbalizada without shunting lines, is really difficult to incase adequacies, therefore nobody obtains to reach what not enxerga! To have tato to communicate itself is importantssimo also, because the next one does not act of the form that acts because he is provocative. It acts thus because enxerga the satisfaction of the other of the form that has acted. To the times we frustramos the others (or we are frustrated) with this correctable mistake with a clear and frequent communication, therefore happily we are dynamic beings. The expectations are not mathematical accounts, therefore, the precision not it is its first force, therefore it is fluid that she is become enlarged or if she in accordance with retracts the receptividades that we allow or we deny in our lives therefore, do not kill all the lizards stops later complaining that she does not have more butterflies circulating ok? I finish with a phrase that I am unaware of the authorship of that ' ' the biggest defect of the man is to feign itself blind person for its errors, but not of dumb for the errors of the others ' ' Ana Luiza ' ' The first one to have of intelligence is to distrust of it mesma.' ' (Albert Einstein).


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