here is no opinion here does not sing, can not be taught here, is not played here, not here … it sounds These are the cries of youth expressing maraquera leadership and creative freedom with the need for spaces for training. Poetic expressions we lay bare a reality that can no longer be sound, in that it can no longer live. Vibrant emotions experienced in the last day of preparation of the Collective THE CORNER ‘no place’ that will premiere on Wednesday night expected to open the 12 International Congress which will involve several youths from various civil society organizations in Central America. Technical Data of Mount collective ESQUINA Direccion artistica angel Canas’ box L dica Co Address Marijn Singer – Arts Action Cast: Rosa Maria Chavez, Mariela Aguirre, Juan Carlos Betancourt, Victor Leiva, Catalina Garcia, V ctor Mart nez, Angel Ambrose, Mayra Alvarado, Eduardo Osorto, Milyen Pineda, Jessica Solis, Wendy Contreras Musings: Mr.

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