Today, the windows may have the most various sizes and shapes. In addition, the glazing is not only a simple glass, but Double glazing and modern fittings allows you to open the window by any means – folding, swivel, swing-out. Modern wood windows are expensive, because their production required, firstly, too good vysokokachesvennaya dried wood, and secondly, complex and expensive equipment. To date, among the available market of wood windows is absolutely likely to identify these basic types: traditional Russian windows, euro-windows, window, Finnish, Norwegian windows. Russian windows made of wood or, as they still call, woodwork have separate cover, a single or double glass window. To this window was sealed to do outline compaction using rezinoplastik, special rubber or other materials. The main requirement for wood is that it must be very well drained and properly prepared.

In this case, the window will not lose personal form, and in coordination with the its quality and appearance. In the near future to put in double glazing windows, which greatly improves their protective functions. In the euro-windows, manufactured by German technology, is used windows. He is a two-or three-chambered. Since the window frame may be disclosed in a vertical plane, the device does not provide air vents. The basic material for these windows is a board consisting of three glued together layers of wood. Thanks to technology, which uses laminated veneer lumber, frames are not subjected to deformation and, in agreement with this act may be quite a long time without losing its characteristics. In addition, to establish a reliable acoustic and thermal insulation used double contour seal.

The highest quality, and in agreement with this and the most expensive number of Finnish window. On personal systems, they consist of two sets of wings, with all this in a simple glass sash is installed, and another door is equipped with double glazing. Most often, these windows can be opened in the same plane, in general they may provide vents or transoms. As a material for the manufacture of windows using a natural high quality wood or laminated veneer lumber, which has two layers. Reliable contiguity window sashes to the box is achieved by means of contours seal. To modern wooden windows with double-glazed windows saves the first long look and did not lose their qualities, they were impregnated with varnishes or special formulations that protect the wood from decay, and another color oil enamels.

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