Virtual Dub

Creators 3D if experts are right, the 3D has come to cinema to stay, increasingly more rooms are the trained for this type of projections and the number of spectators interested in digital cinema grows daily. Those who want to delve into this new world can make their first steps with the program Virtual Dub and 3D Journal. To do this they must make two recordings of the same image taken from different angles and then use some of these programs to the final realization. But to succeed in this emerging niche employment is necessary to attend educational institutions specializing in 3D animation. Programs like 3D Studio Max, Byrce (used for recreation dreamscapes in 3D), facial Studio (applied to human faces), among others, require excellent technical and methodical knowledge. In Spain there 3D specialized centers where young talents dormant waiting his chance, some of his creations are in view of the general public on the Internet, is worth a look to some of them.

Draws attention to two made in Spain, the success of output to bag of Pocoyo, through alternative stock market, and the projection of Planet 51, this film produced entirely in Spain has had an international marketing. Both one and another are two clear examples of the birth of a new economy model based on creative talent and technology. Spanish creativity has first conquered the textile industry with Inditex (ZARA), we will be able to reach so high in digital creativity? Talent there, now makes lack support it…

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