Unique Android Phone

An Android phone exclusively designed for women? It may sound strange, but believe me, this is what HTC has saved in the manga. The rumors come from the Thisismynext site, which says that the Taiwanese company has made some market studies and be?It will focus on a specific age range, between 20 and 30 years, and that the product in question will be released before the end of the year in the United States with the Verizon operator. And not… do not think that they will simply get a mobile pink and ready. Will apparently be based on applications and specifications that in theory go more according to the use that a woman gives to your mobile. Here you can see what a kind of prototype of how it should be, is not an image released by HTC.

The color of this device would be a light green, chosen for its soothing effect, and with rubber at the back for a better grip. Design style would be very similar to the Desire S and Desire Z, but approximately half an inch thick finer. The version of the operating system as It is to be mounted is not known at the moment. Inside nor miss several applications preinstalled such an application to control the calories and the other focused on purchases. But the most interesting part is the accessories. The first would consist of speakers which may be incorporated into the car and which together via bluetooth, will have voice recognition. And, finally, an accessory called indicator of charm, which together with the device in question, lights to alert the owner of a new received message or a missed call. original author and source of the article.

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