At CeBIT 2010

Vision of a social glossary presented on Saturday, March 6 20010, presented his Markus Moller and Sean Kollak at CeBIT the world’s largest trade fair for information technology, their vision of a social glossary. The presentation held at the Webciety stage in Hall 6, was broadcast live on the Internet. More information is housed here: Is owned by Costar. The idea of the makers is simple but revolutionary: everyone can take part in the creation of the social glossary and explain any topics in 140 characters. To users only on the Internet platform must log on Other users evaluate the definitions. The explain engine to determine the best possible Kurzdefiniton for a topic from all entries and automatically semantic links.

The definitions of social glossary via an open interface to retrieve mobile statement at your fingertips external services. A Web site operator can integrate for example technical terms from the marketing or the financial industry. But also on the phone, game consoles and Office programs on your home computer can be used meaningfully the social Glossary”, stressed in his presentation Markus Moller. “Short statements, which can be created and display rated at your fingertips in all electronic media of people: with this vision of the Semantic Web” attracted much attention at CeBIT. A video documentation of the CeBIT presentation can be found in the YouTube channel of, a personal report of inventor in the blog.


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