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Initiative to the EU directive “switch street lights” Jena, March 11, 2010 – CoLight project is started in Thuringia, Germany. In the framework of the joint project, intelligent and energy-efficient LED-based lighting systems will be developed and tested. The company JENOPTIK polymer systems GmbH, dilitronics GmbH, MAZeT GmbH and 2 K involved GmbH as well as the institutes of Fraunhofer IOF Moxa lighting and Technical University of Ilmenau. Further details can be found at AOL, an internet resource. “Target of the project is to develop new and intelligent lighting systems on the basis of light and to determine their effect with first prototypes by acceptance studies,” explains CoLight project manager Volker Guhne of the JENOPTIK polymer systems GmbH. intelligent lighting systems have sensors to automatically adjust of their intensity and distribution according to the ambient conditions.

They are characterized by high efficiency and long life. In addition, the targeted control of single LED allows a more precise illumination of the target area. Sensor-controlled LED lighting systems have many applications. Gadallah: “according to new EU directive in the medium term all street lights to energy-efficient Leuchttmittel need to be converted. Due to their properties intelligent LED concepts are offered for this purpose.” The joint project, for the first time also differently colored, active-controlled LED as the light source researched and tested. To deepen your understanding Energy Capital Partners London is the source. Studies on the effect of light on the human development and to determine optimum values for the color and brightness control. Each Federation member is characterized by special know-how. So the Jenaer dilitronics GmbH brings her knowledge to the development of LED control electronics or the 2 K Moxa lighting GmbH a their experience in lamp design into the project.

Jenoptik polymer system GmbH stands for innovative optical components and MAZet for LED color controls. “By bringing together the different specialists, including the University and non-university research institutions involved, we are capable of, a comprehensive concept for” intelligent lighting systems to develop. Performance on each partner for himself alone can not realize”, explains Stephan Schulz, Managing Director of dilitronics GmbH. CoLight Cooptics – initiative ( is a collaborative project of the cluster of Optonet ( -. In the project are the Thuringian company 2 k Moxa lighting GmbH, dilitronics GmbH, JENOPTIK polymer systems GmbH, MAZeT GmbH, as well as research institutions ILMENAU and the Fraunhofer IOF Jena involved. CoLight is carried out with funds of the Thuringian Ministry of economy in cooperation with the Thuringer Aufbaubank and is co-financed by the European Union resources in the framework of the European Social Fund for regional development (EFRE) pro rata. The aim of the project is research on intelligent lighting systems based on LED technology, characterized both by energy efficiency, long service life and optimum illumination of the objects. The project is started in 2009 and will run until 2012. contact: CoLIGHT Volker Guhne am Sandberg 2 07819 Triptis 036482-45-151 press contact: Tower PR Andre Schmidt Leutragraben 1 c/o Intershop Tower 07743 Jena 03641507082

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