The Monkey King

"So your grandfather has to know where is the man to whom I seek. Thus, it is bound by the young fighter to be taken in the presence of his grandfather, being accompanied by the crowd who also wanted to know where he lived the Monkey King. On the outskirts of town, come to a small hut that time forgot where able to watch an old man who is seeking his crops, he's surprised to see people and with them his granddaughter. old granddaughter is here, but instead will want to tell us And where is the Monkey King? -Press you want to know sir? "I challenge him to a fight where it shows my superiority as a warrior. For even more analysis, hear from investor. please leave my granddaughter …. No need to fight to prove their courage as it has already been tested in battle. The old man is distressed by her granddaughter to reason the young impulsive. "She's old stay until the Monkey King, is opposite conmigoa .

"Well boy I am the Monkey King you're looking for. The young warrior astonishment, the old notes and know you have secure victory, begins to laugh and brag, saying confrontation. To the surprise of her granddaughter who never imagined such a thing. Monkey King "Well let's start the fight. "Do not fight with you I'm Farmer Fighter . Ignoring him, the young warrior takes his fighting stance in front of the old man who only relies on an old stick, sure of his victory the young man mercilessly attacked the elderly, the Monkey King inert remember all his life and recalls all its glory but gladly give everything for the salvation of his granddaughter. At the end of the attack the young warrior falls dead at the foot of the elderly as a single movement is removed. From that day has never disrespect an elder, as they did in their life is very honorable and worthy of respect, that's how the legend of the Monkey King spend time and myth.

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