The Hotels Of Luxury Is Converted In Museums Of Art And Fashion

The relationship between fashion and art has always been passionate. This exquisite combination sees reflected in the labels on the bottles of quality wine and plates of food design, in addition to the clothes we wear. Whatever the artistic style or decade of fashion that you are interested in, luxury hotels exhibit characteristics that can satisfy any artistic appetite. If with a delicate touch of Italian classicism makes their Jimmy Choos be speeded up, try the Halkin Hotel in London. The elegant design and finishes type typical marble of the modernist period to delight the most demanding design enthusiasts. And to maintain the artistic atmosphere, you can enjoy Thai dishes designed with care in the hotel, holder of a Michelin star restaurant. Let us not forget the exquisite artistic styles Georgian and Victorian, some hotels in London are perfect examples. The Wimbledon Hotel Cannizaro is a faithful reflection of their origin, dating from 300 years ago.

It has luxurious rooms that they have hosted a variety of distinguished personalities, such as rey Jorge III and writers Oscar Wilde and Henry James. The nearby Wimbledon Village (where the championships are played) has a wide selection of lovely fashion boutiques, among which are some of the best in London. But for lovers of fashion stores, nothing can overcome the variety that exists in New York. If you like avant-garde art, downtown boutique Seven is ideal for you. Those who wish to go in search of the upcoming trends should visit Debut (also in the Center), in which are exhibited clothes of new designers from New York. If you prefer well-known stores on the periphery of the Center, visit the New York City Club hotel.

Built in 1904, it was characterized by an atmosphere inclusive in which Democrats and Republicans could meet and talk about politics. The design of the building remains intact since 1904, but the decor has changed considerably. Abstract art coexists with the old books and framed maps to make the delight lovers of art and fashion and become the perfect complement to any cultural trip to New York. If you fancy something completely different to the Big Apple, you’ll find it in the art deco of Miami area. Splendia, luxury hotels chain, describes Betsy Palace as the point of reference of Miami hotels. Its colonial facade and rooms pictures reflect perfectly the vertiginous twenties, with a touch of luxury in the 21st century. A little higher up on the main street, the Sanctuary Hotel and Spa offers a total contrast with its modernist style. Influenced by Japanese art, it has a paragraph zen patio with bright red and simple and elegant features where you can relax and escape from the bustle of Miami. Finally, we could not conclude an article on art, fashion and hotels without mentioning the elegance of the hotels in San Francisco. The most daring and innovative fashion lovers will be amazed with the striking Hotel Frank houndstooth interior. However, if you prefer a calm and literary environment, we recommend the Hotel Rex, who, inspired by the literary salons of San Francisco in the 1930s, contains a wide selection of objects and old sketches of this period which will see during your stay. From the time of Dali and the Bocca sofa, it is clear that art has influenced fashion and our everyday lives. Luxury hotels are like postmodernist museums that reflect the different artistic periods and constitute the perfect place to rest after a tiring day buying designer shoes.


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