I’ve always tried to understand the reasons why the Arts in general are a subject ignored and lack the support they deserve from television channels, both public and private. If we start from the assumption that art, always referring to the art of quality, is an inner need to humans, that since ancient times our ancestors ancestral, ignorant and most primates, used it as a source of visual satisfaction and even for spiritual purposes, how is that in this society, advanced and culturizada theory, art has been relegated only to the delight of a few it? That has happened with this innate quality that sets us apart from other species on the planet? This lack of attention toward art won’t be the result of an increasingly materialistic society? There are several causes, in my opinion, this forgetfulness generalized by our society: an advertisement for mass consumption that diverts attention to products that respond more to the desire to pretend that a real need; the continuous emergence on the market of new software products and high technology (computers, TVs of plasma, digital photography, etc), hogging the market by subtracting power purchasing towards other sectors such as the art market; new techniques of digital reproduction of works of art at very low prices; the huge increase in the cost of life and housing us tying of lifetime mortgages, making us take an existence economically dependent, etc. But the most damaging cause of all is, in my opinion, ignorance and the ignorance that on art have this society which we live; and here is where television, this monster media that with her power of acquisition could work the miracle to get to the general public this wonderful gift he possesses the human being could come into play: the gift of artistic creation.

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