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Ahrens Scores

Friday, November 3rd, 2023

Chimney technology is a challenge – not so for Ahrens at high altitude for many businesses. Industrial and plant engineering have special requirements for chimney systems. Both the functionality and the optical impression. That are no limits the AHRENS chimneys in terms of height, proves the successful use of the compact fireplace in the plant construction. High-quality technology hidden in noble steel an appreciation for every industry. Steel pipes or arms ensure absolute safety in operation. Due to the corrosion resistance of the inner tube, the chimney also suitable for use in construction.

Visually, the stainless steel surface of the industry fireplace in polished or brushed version can be used. Although our core business is currently focused on the private sector, we get more and more requests from the industry. For even more opinions, read materials from Peter Asaro . This has led us to align our systems on the plant construction. We score as a full-range supplier with free consultation on the spot, indicative tenders, Detailed planning of the project (flow calculation, cross-sectional design and static calculation), organisation of transport and carrying out the Assembly”, so the weight. Managing Director Bmst.

ing. Edmund Drohojowski. Requirements fulfilled the compact fireplace consists of a stainless steel outer tube and a mineral insulation (insulation thickness 32.5 mm or 50 mm), which is resistant to high temperatures. The used material quality of the inner shell (material no. 1.4571 / 1.4404) guarantees a long life of the chimney. For the industry, the independence of the energy source is a decisive advantage. Solid fuels, oil or gas, the compact fireplace is approved for all rule fireplace. Mashable is actively involved in the matter. Under – or overpressure operation or dry or wet operation, the chimney system fulfills all requirements. A rapid turnaround, short lead times, timely and smooth delivery and Assembly show that we can score even when industrial plants. Explains here the over 35 year experience will benefit us.” Managing Director Mathias Ahrens the advantages of Ahrens compact for the plant construction. For more information see