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Hepatic Transplantation

Thursday, December 28th, 2023

He rested after lunch and morning visits suddenly, appears the Roxana nurse and Dr. tells me. The priest but arrived.But I have not called to any cure, must be another patient – I told him-, not – replied – is for you. I have already received Santos oleos up on 3 occasions in my previous tragedy – I insisted – Ah I don’t know Dr.!-He said – and opened the door to let the priest Hello Miguelito! – del Cura – Hello father Jose Antonio!, he said to me was my good friend, who went to visit me and not give me the last sacrament Uf! relief We embrace us with a long hug and greet us and talk about the disease, about what had happened, about prayers in Trujillo, about so many things – then stared at me and said what has been the most dramatic moment Miguel? Well – I answered – they have been three milestones in this history, the first was when learned me that he had cirrhosis, could not assimilate it, I do not believe, it was impossible, I refused so many days, I had that reconfirm it, the second was when they say, 3 months later, that he also had Cancer and that to save my life from a forthcoming death required a liver transplant, was impossible to assimilate this reality, I think I met the madness these days and the third was when I woke up from the operation, and I discovered my dressings, drains the long incision,, catheters and exclaimed I have transplanted!, I’m saved,!, thank God Mio! that emotion!, unmatched – dime Miguelito and what you thought about the causes of this misfortune? As it is Natural, I was looking for culprits, I thought of several doctors, I blasfeme also thinking that God is bad, that wasn’t enough my previous tragedy or that it was paying any sin, fault do not know! was confused!, stunning!, of the overnight had cirrhosis and 3 months already had Cancer! And in a few months would die – do had pains physical, bleeds, swelling? does that hurt you? Well, actually had two kinds of suffering the biological one, had fatigue, lack of appetite, constipation, weight loss, abdominal pain, high fevers and two also had Moral suffering, I felt frustration, shame, remorse, sadness, fear, anguish – and as face them? The doctors gave me diet, drugs, regime of life and with that biological discomfort you dismissed or physical, but Moral suffering to pray facing it, he wanted peace, calmness and resignation – I understand then that you rendias before the disease is Miguelito as well? NOT Jose Antonio, I gave up not ever, it offered my suffering as a purification, as a Capital of Gracias, this physical pain and morality is long, is like traversing a desert dry, blazing hot, but at the end you get to the promised land – Claro but tell me do not despotricabas God? Actually no, I had read Goethe who once He wrote that the joys and suffering instruct man about whether same, I knew that Meister Eckhart had said that the Lord flame at the noble souls to a desert and there speaks them to their hearts, I knew that suffering produces virtues, knew this from my great suffering prior to the accident, knew that these virtues were patience, inner strength and repentance and that was matureIt is difficult, it crashing all the time with this Combi full of anguish, fear, grief, frustration, but trying to.