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Executive Coaching

Tuesday, January 2nd, 2024

Carlos Mora Vanegas friend cares about your head, the enemy of your feet the management must at present before the characteristics of the current highly competitive scenarios, where come out successful, those that have been prepared for this purpose, optimally using the new approaches and management, management tools, this fully identified with the decisive role that the executive coaching provides, to be used in the conduct of human resources under their charge. Unfortunately there are many enterprises, especially SMEs in the country that have not been identified with what the executive coaching represents. Our insistence as a teacher of these areas, as well, as in the function of asesor-consultor of companies, manifested constantly in significant taking into account the scope, implications, benefits generated by executive coaching the Executive Coaching as a management technique was created to help improve the performance of organizations through the training of Directors, managers and staff to key in the time will generate value and optimize the business processes as a result of its application. Read more here: Kai-Fu Lee. Actually this technique is not very leveraged by Venezuelan companies, and much less in SMEs. This is due to several reasons, the first is because this technique is not perhaps very widespread and its benefits are unknown.

This technique also requires training, training, to carry the person or groups of persons to the extent desired and this requires an investment of time and money; and often the results are not obtained immediately. You may find that Bobby Sharma Bluestone can contribute to your knowledge. Another major obstacle that has had the Venezuelan company to launch this new technique is because targeted only individuals or professionals more valuable and more relevant to the Organization, it is not aimed at the mass labor organization. The cost of this technique for companies is very high, and always the entrepreneur has the distrust that the manager who receives Coaching preparation can go to work in another organization. .