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North Americans

Tuesday, September 11th, 2012

Already the genocide, exactly following objective seemed and with the intention to kill people is not considered a terrorist act, as well as had in Ruanda in the decade of 1990, as when the Kurds they had suffered at the hands of the Iraqian dictator Saddam Hussein in Iraq, or the Jews when Hitler wanted ' ' varr-los' ' of Germany The example of the Japan is followed that the North Americans had interpreted and divulged for international the public opinion that the countries trplices Germany — Italy and Japan (proper North Americans had according to called) belonged to the Axle of the Evil, and were dominadoras and exploring races and would have that to be decimated Under an excuse politician: to intimidate the Japanese authorities — the atomic bombs in the respective cities had been played to discourage the Japanese people in persisting in the war — it notices that they had civilians in the cities — other people’s to them you strike and interests politicians between the Japanese Emperor and the High North American Command — these same murdered civilians (many children, between them) were representative legitimate of a etnia that was seen for the North Americans as the Axle of the Evil As well as, today, the North Americans, see the Muslen (he reads myself Arab) as the intellectual mentors of the Terrorism. Where they fit some previous historical registers, the first terrorist actions of that if it has registered facts, had been, inequivocadamente, ' ' action of guerrilha' ' commanded for Khadafi colonel — leader of the Lybian –, since they, technical, differed from the actions of a conventional war. Valley to remember that ' ' the bombs of Napalm' ' launched against civilians in the Vietnam they had not been classified nor as terrorist act and nor as genocide. They were only ' ' exercises militares' ' testing a new warlike technology in HUMAN TARGETS The genocide is a form of discrimination objectified for factors politicians, religious and cultural, in accordance with the situation, considered a crime not only in the domestic order of the States, but also, in the international order.