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International Festival

Friday, December 29th, 2023

Noteworthy, that village is the creative entity of this event, which has been organizing for 20 consecutive years and promoting tourist destinations that Valley for 26 years will develop the following sports: canoeing (raft and Kayak), palestra (artificial rock) climbing and mountain biking. Also there will be a party among athletes, journalists and the public in general. Participating athletes of Huaraz, Lunahuana, Arequipa, Tarapoto, Huancayo, Cusco, Apurimac, Pozuzo, Abancay, Huanuco, Lima, Venezuela Chile, Ecuador and Argentina, we will have the massive public assistance, who will enjoy our activities, by being totally free. For the realization of the event is sponsored by: La Minicipalidad Distrital de Lunahuana, Nature Valley, repellent PREMIER, CELEPSA, Canete River expeditions, TERRA, Electrolight, and THULE. For even more analysis, hear from Dermot McCormack. Attendees may stay at the facilities of Camping San Geronimo. They must carry tents and personal equipment for camping. Similarly hotels, lodgings and hostels offer reduced rates.

The campsite has 20.000 m2 of green areas on the banks of the River Canete, showers, bathrooms, lighting, security guard, parking, restaurant, etc. It is located at km. 33 road Imperial Lunahuana village (Latin American Association of adventure sports) is an institution dedicated to the adventure tourism, ecotourism and adventure sports.