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ERP Type

Wednesday, January 29th, 2014

Those companies with around 25 to 50 pcs where talk of technologies of information is talking about costs of operation for the company and not an investment that can help to increase productivity. It has been more often these past years with comes from Chinese products where workmanship and cheap material has allowed that they inserted in each of the markets that have interference and most worrisome of all the increased participation in the market. One wonders, what would happen if Mexican companies be more productive possible, if they had a strategic planning that does not allow this type of commercial attacks by Oriental products, also fits the question, how to attack this market so does not affect the Mexican industry. Undoubtedly one of those answers would be the increase of productivity, make the same number of pairs of shoes, the same number of pants or shirts in one shorter, with fewer resources and less people time. How to be productive if you don’t go to technology so that you help in that regard? The main problem they have in this type of business is vision, culture, little knowledge but on the little interest from senior management that generally are the owners, seeing this type of solution, perhaps age has anything to do, most people owners of small and medium-sized business owners more than 50 years and when they had their boom in your business did not require a single computer to get ahead.

The second problem is when already the possible solution which can give an ERP industry, when already has tested different solutions, different brands and different vendors that will deploy the solution was accepted. Definitely in relation with the ERP, the majority of companies agree that there are still challenges to increase flexibility and speed in this kind of tools. The company that has implemented the ERP knows your business, while he is an active contributor who cares about improving your business processes. Reference: Notes Professor managerial topics, quality and productivity management postgraduate program, Faces.