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New Economy Hype

Tuesday, February 1st, 2011

You are a controversial topic, which competes Germany. They are probably the weirdest cult shoes that one has received as a shoe retailer in the last 20 years to face. They are ugly and beautiful at the same time – "ugly can be beautiful." Even explosives and the Bild newspaper reported already about the new wave of cult slippers – and it is about as controversial as their beauty fought for Daniel Kublbock vocal arts: No question, we are talking here of Crocs. It all started as a surfer shoe on the other side of the globe. A colorful plastic shoes with holes in it – then he wanted to see one yet.

Back then! At the latest after the first superstars had with the brand new Crocs by paparazzi Grosskommando Hollywood stars and even the president himself photographed in Crocs, the global success of the mini-group was not stopped. The mystery of the original Crocs Crocs is in the materials are fabricated from a strict secret plastic mixture. This material makes the Crocs lightweight, absorbs Sweat cools, pleasant and is easy to clean super light. Reason enough, the exact recipe of Crocs to keep top secret! For the company itself had the recipe for your cult sandals not even patent – for fear of industrial espionage. The recipe is so secret as the biggest economic mysteries of our time – the Google algorhythm and the recipe for Coca Cola.

And no wonder – the competitors from the Far East already scratching at the door and would like to get something from the billion dollar pie of the new Crocs hype. Ugly can be beautiful? The man is known to be a pack animal. He instinctively follows the behavior of the masses (Web 2.0, the highly praised "hands-on Internet" Greetings ..). It is precisely this basic instinct can be observed in the course of Crocs – Trends: The first of Crocs were ugly as advertised by "fashion setters" first discovered – that Hollywood superstars and sizes. First, the media, this "scandal photos have only laughed at, until the typical burst forth basic instinct in man: The first people have worn the Crocs too. This trend will have connected more and more people, and today is one of the Croc in the story. He goes down in history as an example