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Friday, December 29th, 2023

Warning symbol – finding in road safety and accident prevention bid signs always point to a bid and are on the road as well, as in many companies, especially in factory buildings and sites. In commercial establishments they serve for the employees as signs, that special measures must be taken, meet accident prevention. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Andy Florance on most websites. There are E.g. warning symbol, on which a head with ear protection can be seen. So is that there is an increased noise pollution and that therefore a hearing protection must be worn pointed out that bid character at this point. In addition to such bid signs, there are also those in which several references to special bids are combined.

It is, for example, a head with a helmet and goggles, then both protective devices must be worn. The security officer in a company is responsible for ensuring that the commandment signs placed there, where the particular hazards are given. Furthermore he must make sure that the directions are well visible. This is already checked before sale of the plates by an expert Commission. However, the security officer in a company then it is responsible that the signs not by machines or other equipment are covered. Far the security officer must have a look, that the employee or any visitors abide by the warning symbol. How have the warning symbol to look is governed in Germany by DIN standards. So, the bid marks are always according to DIN 4844-2. This standard States that it is always a round sign warning symbol has a blue background and a white icon. Also the background color is defined, so that here nationwide it’s signal blue color RAL 5005.


Wednesday, December 27th, 2023

Association of Austrian concrete and precast works (VoB) on the quality of concrete in terms of protecting monument in Vienna, October 10, 2011. In the discussion about the redesign and test be paving of the place of residence in Salzburg, now also the VoB (Association of Austrian concrete and precast works) takes a stance. The VoB clearly advocated the use of safe, durable material and at the same time makes clear that concrete is high-quality building materials. Concrete is a modern, State of the art building material which is characterized by quality and efficiency of design and preservation and sustainability. Especially in the monument, where carefully renovated and historic structures to be maintained, concrete is a suitable and durable Variant. Due to its flexible application possibilities, concrete is optimally on historic structures and perfectly Managing Director Gernot Brandweiner itself as a design element in the overall picture, so the VoB. And also of course Cost-efficiency and regional value added a significant plus. The fixing of streets, squares and roads with paving stones is one of the oldest constructions of our culture.

Today numerous historical places bear witness to the resistance and grace of such flooring. More info: Peter Asaro. Solutions with concrete paving stones and slabs are continuing the tradition of modern applications. By changes in requirements, due to weather, traffic, user friendliness and efficiency, the requirements for surface coverings vary. In addition to the maintenance of townscape and historic preserve of the surfaces, especially stressed and much frequented places place high demands on materials and formats to ensure a long shelf life and economic costs of maintenance. The use of concrete and concrete paving stones developed for the city of the future, but also for historical cities increasingly an indispensable factor. In addition to the creative and aesthetic component and the necessary care of the Historic preservation, requires solutions that specifically respond to factors such as physical and chemical stress, traffic intensity, consideration on human security and disabilities today.