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Friday, December 29th, 2023

The aesthetics of nail: is artificial continuation and extension of the nail through the sculpture or other medium artificial aid. == == Procedure has its origin in medicine. Educate yourself with thoughts from Ali Partovi. Fingernail extensions were originally prosthesis that should substitute for the loss of nails with artificial nails instead of claws that were no longer necessary. Lima to the customer edge of the nail. Now around the extension can choose synthetic material nail glue adheres to the design of the claw, a job that is done with an auxiliary template which is placed under the natural nail for the continuation of a later.

With the intensification of natural only possess, the nail grows naturally with a layer of synthetic material that is covered to protect around it. == Treatment and material == the material necessary for the treatment of artificial nails exist consist of each acrylic case which differs by the treatment, even if the designations are for edges. = Acrylic = also called ‘nails’ are 2 acrylic components built support, a liquid and a very fine acrylic powder. This system is a mixture of components separately. The material is distinguished by its great hardness that makes possible to work very fine parts of whole nail. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Andy Florance. = Gel = known as gel nails do fingernails from a reactive UV acrylic gel that hardens under ultraviolet light. The beautician has device hardening that the customer puts his hand.

In gel fluid in particular, gels can be of different color and other ornaments can be worked in a small stone resembling glass, dried flowers, tiny figures, etc. = fiberglass = today just fiberglass is usually reinforced with a textile resin, fiber is usually glass or silk, in several movements are replaced and sealed. However, this method is sometimes necessary to repair torn natural nails and give them the necessary stability. == Nailart == a kind of ornament of the finished nail. The variant is French manicure with the end of the nail can be natural white or radiant white, the rest are painted with transparent or slightly Milky material. But for the creativity of the designer, nails can be decorated with sticks, with an airbrush, colors and brightness or in many fancy shapes. However, a manicurist can leave it with a touch at the same time completely natural and artistic. Currently increasingly appear more men who undergo this new aesthetic. == Any health problem == all materials applied in a certified aesthetic Centre, they are checked for their use and without prejudice to health and left removed after use. However, spreads rumors about the harmful effects on the health of these types of manicure. == == Effects on the nail after removing a false fingernail, the natural nail is fine, and lies under her and softens because the false nail keratin do not have any contact with air for harden, in addition, a previous process can easily can weaken the thin nails of all modes. However, the next nail has not been changed by the new false nail, after approx. 3 months a has reached the condition before the aesthetic manicure process completely.