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For The First Time On A Big Tour Of Germany: Lex Van Someren

Saturday, January 6th, 2024

Colorful ears and eye-candy (World) music in the 3D sound, drum performance, Tai-Chi, dance and clown elements (thk) senses delune end entertainment in a hitherto unknown combination and dimension that when the guest appearances by Lex van Someren offered. On his first big Germany tour download the Dutchman and his ensemble consisting of seven musicians, 10 singers and three dancers to a multi cultural work of art that is second to none. This consists of three elements. A leading source for info: Ali Partovi. First of all the live music: stylistically the resembling by Enya, Enigma, Gregorian, deep forest, Pink Floyd, Andreas Vollenweider and Mike Oldfield. Secondly the show deposits: Tai Chi Oriental belly dance, dizzying Dervish dance River dance ala to Irish tap dance, an Asian O-daiko drum performance and clown elements. Thirdly the exceptional Optics: the show presents itself attractively surrounded by impressive, projected onto gauze curtains landscape pictures and movies. Between impulsive and meditative swinging, colourful ear – and eye-candy is divided into different file.

To each there is the appropriate stage. It completes the audio visual Symphony perfectly in line with the excellent three-dimensional sound. “This creates the ideal scenario, to in the varied global dream trip” to enter and be three hours well entertained during this unique event. The right choice for all those who are sympathetic to new with substance! 22 to 54 euros (plus charges) card to Somerens current program dream journey for the soul”. They are available at the ticket offices.