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Trier, 08.06.2010 – Bartels media GmbH released the software “MultiMouse”, providing an intuitive collaboration in the Conference room or PC classroom. The software solution “MultiMouse” up to 50 users can the mouse pointers for your own computer on a document at the same time work with or with your own PC mouse control a central computer. The collaboration starts very simply: as soon as a PC user “pulls out the mouse cursor from the screen of your own PC”, the cursor on a central computer screen appears. All mouse pointer can click the shared desktop and control any programs. Even texts can be edit or write in the team. MultiMouse, transmits the keystrokes of all users to the central PC.

Each pointer has a name flags that can be set in color, size and name in order to identify the user. Application example: In a conference room MultiMouse enables the collaboration of multiple participants in a joint document, that of a projector ‘ a central computer for all visible will be displayed. Rather than point the finger on screen content to only passive, the users work with the mouse of your own computer in the team on a document. In a PC, classroom students can together on an interactive whiteboard or SmartBoard’ to cooperate, leaving without the seat. The teacher can invite individual students to cooperate with the “mouse control”, or keep out troublemakers.

MultiMouse works with any Windows application or learning program independent. The solution requires no additional hardware. MultiMouse via a local Wi-Fi or Ethernet network to the central computer transmits the mouse pointer positions and text entries of all users. The program will work with Windows XP/Vista/7 32 – bit and 64-bit machines. The software can see de / download. The smallest MultiMouse Edition for up to 5 pointer euros 99,-. The medium variant for up to 25 mouse pointer is available for $ 299.-.

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