Small Device Great Help

Something you can trust! Evaluation of the standard signal 4-20 mA with digital display. The display describes a device for optical signalling of States and values, especially values in technology generally. A display can exhibit very different designs and are based on different technical implementation. There are mechanical, electromechanical and electronic display. With the digital display PCE-N20I, the PCE Germany GmbH presents a small, but very accurate display device that boasts not only its sleek exterior, but also by its bright and friendly LED display.

The highly efficient unit behind the user when working reliably. The digital display of PCE-N20I evaluates the common standard signal 4-20mA. This signal has a number of advantages. The cable can be almost any length, while losses of signal strength. Another important aspect is that due to the lower limit of 4mA wire breaks can be detected and displayed. Thus can work safely and wholly owned be ensured. The device is applicable in many areas, since the sensors and transmitters have corresponding analog outputs. Moreover, a direct connection is permitted by the 24V power supply transmitters 2-wire.

The five-digit LED display can provide readings in three colors, is easily recognizable and pleasing to the eye. So the user never loses track of his measurements. Outputs two open-collector provide an alarm circuit when limits are exceeded. The configuration is done using the freely available software LP con. Settings are performed using PCE PD14 programming adapter, can be also stored and recalled at any time with this programming adapter. With the robust construction of the unit is protected against water and dust and ensures a reliable play of the measurements even under the most adverse conditions. The digital display is a small, but highly accurate indicator that little takes place and in addition the Facilitates everyday work in a pleasant way. It is a cheap alternative to other digital displays, which however is the large units in its class with its functions in nothing.


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