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The rotating table stand by Leitz ensures harmonious tablet together complete Stuttgart – the job environment has great influence on our well-being and our productivity, scientific studies prove that for years. And also if you morning choose an Office outfit, which suits the season and the own mood, gives positive impetus his everyday life. Fortunately also the electronic tools is always nice, especially the iPad combines awesome inner and outer values. Steve Wozniak may find it difficult to be quoted properly. It is often when rapidly a colleague or customer is to get insight into the own screen less beautiful. Then come chunky accessories”used. Simple and please combine alternatives are needed, so that nobody gets an iPad arm when around. With the swivel table stand from the new series of complete”proves the brand Leitz (founded: 1871), that stops their know-how for efficient, tailor-made helper for everyday business not in folders and holes. Whether horizontal or vertical – the rotating Leitz table stand provides complete stable grip, rubberized rings prevent sliding and scratching and a precise angle is just as comfortable as the viewing of the screen writing.

The highlight: One wants to share a presentation or the latest video clip of Alicia Keys with others, rotates the rest easily by up to 360 degrees. The product designers at Leitz laid special attention to connect optical elegance with practical benefits. So is the rotating table stand in the Leitz complete WOW colors Blue, Orange, pink and green available as well as in high-gloss white or matte black metallic and fits in any Office equipment thanks to its compact size: minimalist-cool and bright or colorful, to the Eames Chair as well as the Billy “-shelf.” By the way: Can it be of course tablets of other manufacturers, where the mass on the iPad 2 are optimized. The Leitz complete swivel table stand has an MSRP 19,99 EUR incl. VAT / 35.50 CHF. See for yourself: metallic in the WOW Colors are also the Leitz complete WOW metal hard shells, which give a shimmering color shine every iPhone 4 / 4 S and 5. The hard shell of aluminium in pink, blue, green or orange protects the back of the Smartphone against scratches, dust and dirt.

The inside, with ABS plastic, guarantees a perfect grip of the iPhone. All sensors, connections and operating elements are accessible. More product videos from the Leitz complete series: the Leitz-complete series includes the swivel table stand still more accessories that are matched perfectly on the modern Smartphone and Tablet world and combines appealing design with functionality. Esselte Leitz is one of the leading manufacturers for products around the topic of Office organisation, with which innovation, efficiency, and design on the desk in the Office or be brought home. Esselte Leitz produced a deep and wide range of filing and Feuerbach, to simplify life in the Office.


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