Selection Criteria Of The Basic Pension For The Self-employed

\”The base pension: pension and tax shelter stresses like federal labor Minister Olaf Scholz (SPD), the pay-as-you-go pension is safe\”. But a glimpse of the future development of the population structure, is it enough to know that today younger generations will certainly not satisfactory state pension more, because this will be simply no longer be financed due to the aging population. But before elections, lump-sum pension guarantee sound of course better than cautionary voices before an impending poverty in old age. Especially for freelancers, the often not or only over a limited period of time in the statutory pension insurance deposit, strong in the age, there are problems but without additional private pension provision. For more information see this site: Pete Cashmore. Looking after the appropriate investment usually the Riester pension or about the occupational pension dropped when self-employed due to lack of promotion. Usually the base pension is according to its inventor, the former pundits Bert Rurup, often also Rurup pension is called to provide the only way, with government funding for the age, and at the same time to benefit by the tax savings. Similar as with the statutory pensions also the basic pension from the retirement is paid out for life monthly and not in one fell swoop. But security is particularly interesting for the self-employed: thus, the posts in the saving phase of neediness before accessing the Sozialamts with Hartz IV are protected: A significant advantage when compared to various other products.

Government support is located in the immediate tax savings upon completion of a basic pension. To 68% of the contributions may be asserted at present tax. By the year 2025 the deductibility of contributions rises to 100%. Maximum 20.000,-euro can be used per year, up to 40,000 euros available for married couples. Self-employed persons, freelancers, but also Commissioner employees can achieve an immediate tax savings. Overall, the basic pension for self-employed persons is usually the optimal Product, to get a lifetime pension at the age\”, explains how economics and insurance broker of Karsten Wallace.

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