Russian Federation

Ever since the Soviet era caps for electrical outlets are known to the entire population of our countries offering our stores as the only means of child safety. After the disintegration of the Union, they at one time disappeared from the shelves altogether, with the development of market relations in our market is flooded vast number of such goods. And we thought that this product abound in the market, we were not allowed. But according to a commodity of trade networks had the misfortune to buy "imported>> production situation was next – Heading seemingly closed, and the implementation is not. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Bobby Sharma Bluestone. Everything became clear after one of the buyers requested a refund for the goods due to the fact that they do not fit into any of our outlets. Now they do not know what to do with the remnants of trade of these products, because word of mouth carries such negative information very quickly! We will not call the producers, what would we be accused of is that we criticize someone else's goods – and just added their range time-tested product – let the buyer will vote! The product is "Plug> on Baby Safety is designed to prevent electric shock impact of the child.

Suitable for all types of electrical outlets installed in the territory of the Russian Federation. Hear other arguments on the topic with Ali Partovi. Everyone knows that when young children are not encouraged to use air conditioning because it contains germs. And what to do, because for a comfortable stay healthy child growth requires fresh air. Therefore, periodically to be aired, opening a window or balcony door, but fear for the baby and windy weather sometimes does not allow you to do it.

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