Private Health Insurance Continues

Even after health-care reform the Exchange in which private health insurance remains simple for self-employed and voluntarily legally insured even after health-care reform remains a change in private health insurance without any problems. Nothing has changed in the General entry requirements. However, different conditions apply depending on the type of employment. Self-employed persons can always change the change of the law in the private health insurance for self-employed or freelance is the easiest way. Because they are generally exempt from the statutory compulsory insurance.

With a time limit of two months they can terminate their statutory health insurance at any time, go to a private provider and there to take advantage of the private insurance”, explained Manuela Kiechle, Member of the Board of the private health insurers of the Versicherungskammer Bayern (Bavarian officials Krankenkasse AG / Union Krankenversicherung AG). Workers: gross annual income is crucial for workers that is Gross annual remuneration of the last three calendar years apply. It must have 48.600 euro located through the year work remuneration limit currently at this time – until it is free workers, to insure private. No employee must recalculate itself: the human resources Department of a company automatically logs the health insurance fund the corresponding timeout; the insurance company then exempts the employee from compulsory insurance and informed him accordingly. Special case officer applies to officials generally no social insurance – federal or land a part of costs incurred for medical care (the so-called aid”) take over as master. It covers a claim by 50 percent when the officials themselves; the spouse receives 80 percent to 70 percent, children. How, exactly, the aid is granted, is regulated differently in the States.

Always applies: the insured person himself must bear costs which are not covered by the aid. Private health insurance is therefore certain aid rates” by which this gap can be closed. PKV: Guaranteed benefits stable contributions also applies: those who opt for a change in the private health insurance, benefits of guaranteed benefits and stable contributions. Because once contractually guaranteed benefits may not be shortened or even cancelled – who is private health insurance, can rely on the warranty therefore his life long. “At the same time, the contributions of the private providers are more stable than in the statutory health insurance – because: only private health insurers such as the Bavarian officials Krankenkasse AG and Union health insurance form aging provisions for their customers”, Manuela Kiechle stressed. Only these provisions are resolved in the retirement age, to keep the post permanently favourable for the insured. The group insurance Chamber Bavaria is the largest public insurers nationwide and is placed among the top ten of insurers. 2007 all-fields insurers reached 5.66 billion euros premium income and about 6,500 employees. Every working day, the company pays its customers approximately EUR 17 million in insurance benefits. Every year more than 2.8 million insurance and performance cases processed, about 1,500 per work hour.

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