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For example, queries in Yandex "press office" could be 8 thousand per month. But "the press service of the regional administration," only 55. And as evolved technology PR in the Internet? PRtehnologii the Internet also have undergone their own changes, but the basic principles remain the same. Yes, there were various interactive formats – blogs, comment on articles, but the author's qualitative Content winning web-technology, at least not yet. Another important principle – that the relevance and validity of information. Development was as follows: from web-sites, as it was then called with the usual sections of the "About Us" "Price List" and "Contact Us" to a powerful multimedia site with customization in the form of "Personal Office" and the integration of various services (Currency Converter, electronic money, etc.). Interactive and mobile technology now allow opportunity to receive information on the Internet, process and publish their own, including video, through a PDA and laptop. In my time has come to denote the internet with a lowercase letter, but we do not write or Radio Television with a capital letter.

Paradoxically, the PR-article in 2000 was to place much more easily than now. I explain this by saying that 10 years ago there was a definite "information hunger" and sites with good attendance with pleased to take high-quality content. Now we are witnessing an avalanche increase in the number of sites along with the chronic deterioration of the quality of this text, with the visitors to such sites rarely go, but their money owners for placement of articles asking pointedly! How active are now used new technology to work as commercial companies and public authorities? By accessing the sites of commercial firms, often have seen the "news" dated December 2008.

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