Palmares Zumbi

Weapons of all kinds threaten human survival. And they shoot not alone; It is necessary that someone trigger them, and of these people urgently need disarming hatred to the heart. Very concerning this sonnet of Laurindo Rabelo (1826-1864), the poet lizard, as they told him because of his elevated stature: account of time * 1 God asks strict account of my time; Forced is my time already cope. But how to give, without time, as much account, I no account, I spent so much time? For my account made in time, given me was time and I did the account. For even more analysis, hear from Steve Wozniak. I didn’t, so time, make the account; I want today to make the account and takes time! Oh! You that you lose time without having account, you cannot spend that time on hobbies! Devote yourself, while there is time, make the account! But, oh! If those who have their time had that time any account, not llorarian as I do not have time! The impasse which human folly erected, over the millennia, summarizes currently to this: it integrates or disintegrates * 2. What happens, however, that certain people are afraid of progress. Put their proverbial convictions that even without realizing it, make ideologies insurmountable walls for himself and them close, besieged at such a high level. Even being notable in their sphere of knowledge, fear any border crossing.

They stop in space and in time, literally between those creatures, our brothers, major adversaries of the innovations lined it. That tell it to those who suffered all kinds of misunderstanding or persecution, such as Jesus, Socrates, Galileo, Harvey, Fulton, Semmelweis, Madame Curie, Tesla, Freud, Zoroastro, Isaiah (Prophet who was sawing down the middle), Daniel (also Prophet, who was thrown to the Lions, and saved him his faith in God), the Palmares Zumbi, Bezerra de Menezes the list is immense. The inadequacy of the culture without spirituality * 3 La culture gives abundant subsidies so that build paths of progress. .

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