Our Services

At UBI Corp all of our staff has been trained in very specific areas, enabling the client to zoom in on exactly what they need to help their business thrive.  Our particular areas of expertise are business consulting and managerial efficiency.

The first step we take with any company is an investigative analysis.  Without a thorough understanding of the aims of the company, the hierarchy, and the goals of every single employee, we do not believe we can provide what we were set up to provide – underground business insight.  It is thus imperative that we get to know every tiny corner of a business with which we are consulting.

Next, we analyze the skills of the employees and the specifics of the service/product the firm is offering.  Where is the edge?  What is the market?  What is going on in the international arena?  When we have discovered these issues, it is easier to move forward.

And finally we sit with the major players at the firm – either once or ten times, whatever it takes – to come up with a plan of action.


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